Free Inspections

We provide free inspections so you know we are keeping your investment safe. 

Guidance When Needed

Our rental managers are dedicated owner operators who are specialists in the area that they live. It is in their best interest to ensure your property is getting the best rent possible, and never vacant. 

Best Not Biggest

We aim to be the best - not the biggest! Each manager has as little as a third of the number of properties compared to other property managers, making it easier for you to get in touch.

No Letting Fees!

We never charged tenant fees and we will never charge landlords now the law has changed. This means we are just focused on providing the best service possible

Well Informed

You are always kept in the loop with great monthly reports, home maintenance and even help with renovations. 

Never Lose Rent

All rents must be paid! Even though rent arrears can snowball very quickly, we are confident that our rent arrears will be so minimal that we'll reimburse* you all the rent arrears greater than three weeks.