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What Makes Pukeko Rental Managers Stand Out?

No Letting Fees - Ever!

We did not charge tenant fees and we will never charge landords now the law has changed. This means we only focus on providing the best service possible

Free Inspections

We provide free inspections so you know we are keeping your investment safe. Meth testing is just part of the great service we offer.  

We make it easy

You are always keep in the loop with great monthly reports, home maintainence and even help with renovations. 

Who Are Pukeko Rental Managers

Pukeko Rental Managers is an elite group of property managers located across New Zealand. Our managers provide the ultimate residential property management service to investment owners and tenants.

When experience matters

Our rental managers are dedicated owner operators who are specialists in the area that they live. It is in their best interest to ensure your property is getting the best rent possible, and never vacant. Their earnings are dependent on making sure property owners are getting the best returns possible.

You Will Never Lose Rent

All rents must be paid! - Even though rent arrears can dangerously snowball very quickly. We are confident that our rent arrears will be so minimal that we'll reimburse* you all the rent arrears greater than three weeks. 

Pukeko Rental Managers was started in 2010 by David Pearse, after having being closely involved with real estate property management and then pioneering Quinovic Property Management in Hawke's Bay.

He found that traditional property management is office based and has multi-tier management structures. These overhead costs result in the need to increase the number of properties that each property manager looks after. This results in overworked and usually inexperienced staff at the coal face looking after owner's valuable investments. This makes good property management almost impossible, and property management specialists are not attracted to this model.

David Pearse, Managing Director

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